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         Our company is engaged in the research, development, design and sales of industrial control (intelligent) automation equipment, mainly engaged in the sales, integration and maintenance services of famous industrial control products at home and abroad.

  Product and service types include:

  Programmable control system

  The distributed DCS system

  The terminal low pressure control system

  Terminal HMI

  Ending machine tool maintenance service

  Terminal crane control system

  Ending product testing service

  Terminal automation equipment

  The converter control system

  The servo control system and so on


Company has for many years in the industrial control industry maintenance electrical engineers and sales of electrical engineering division, the company also with a number of national professional title of honor doyen of industrial control is engaged in the industry to establish a good cooperation 

Department, with years of professional experience, can more professional and targeted services to various types of customers.

The core idea of the company: to be a craftsman in the industrial control industry with the spirit of unity, integrity and enthusiasm.

The sole purpose of this company is to serve customers and better serve customers.

Low from the hardware, software, platform, self-help resources to build a more complete industrial control products sales and technical service platform system, the business covers product selection, after-sale technical advisory services, product dimension

Repair, product function testing, industrial control product sales, intelligent home and design services and other six parts



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