57C493 Reliance Electric Automax PLC POWER
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57C493 Reliance Electric Automax PLC POWER
The Power Supply Module is a circuit assembly enclosed in
a protective aluminum housing with integral heatsink. The
Module plugs into the leftmost position of the AutoMax
Multibus Rack and provides, through the Multibus backplane,
all of the voltages necessary to power the logic circuitry of all
card modules in the rack.
The Power Supply Module is the electrical interface between
the 120V ac input power and the AutoMax System. The AC
line filter located in the Multibus Rack is connected between
the incoming power and the Power Supply Module. No other
connections to the AC line are made between the line filter
and the Power Supply Module.
On power-up, a soft-start feature gradually increases the
output until five milliseconds after the voltage exceeds the
volts necessary for logic operations. At this time, an initialize
signal is generated and the P/S READY indicator is
illuminated. The holdover time on loss of AC input is 20
milliseconds. Three milliseconds before loss of the regulated
DC power, a Multibus power fail interrupt signal is generated
for orderly system shutdown.

Power Supply Module 57C493
• 50-amp supply
• Over-voltage protection
• Over-current protection
• LED status indicators
• Keyswitch
• Removable terminal strip
• Captive ejectors
• Hold-down screws
• Occupies 3 rack slots