2019 control carpenter automation technology to expand business needs to recruit domestic and foreign trade staff
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Xiamen control carpenter automation technology to expand business needs to recruit domestic and foreign trade staff
Now we are recruiting the following positions:

Foreign trade sales engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sales management of the company's import and export business, mainly through the development and management of terminals and service providers.

2. Responsible for developing annual sales forecast, formulating annual sales targets and plans, and signing annual sales contracts.

3. Formulated annual sales strategies and KPI assessment indicators, planned and implemented promotion plans, improved channel customer relations, and managed channel sales

Storage, promote shipment.

4. Responsible for sales team building and talent training, in charge of development department and Marketing Department management

Responsible for leading and leading the team to complete the sales performance indicators, profit indicators and other KPI assessment indicators.

5. Responsible for product channel market competition and brand product sales analysis, promoting new products, major products, best-selling products and unsaleable products

Implementation of sales strategy activities.

6. Assisted the operation department in relevant channel sales management projects.


1. College degree or above, more than one year of sales manager experience. Must have certain English foundation. The spoken language.

2. Financial broker, real estate sales, insurance, direct selling, consumer goods, FMCG industry experience is preferred.

3. Excellent market insight and sales ability.

4. Good at sales analysis and channel customer relationship maintenance.

Recruitment number: 2-3

Domestic trade engineer

1. College degree or above, major is not limited;

2, construction engineering, decoration, building materials, real estate, electric power, mechanical and electrical, steel and other industries have a good human environment relationship, and in the industry sales and management experience is preferred;

3. Experience in waterproof industry is preferred;

4. Responsible, good communication and coordination skills, logical thinking ability, good negotiation skills;

5. High work enthusiasm, good team spirit, strong observation and strain capacity.

Main responsibilities:
1. Presided over the daily sales management of the department to ensure the smooth completion of annual sales targets and tasks;

2. Organized staff of the department to actively carry out sales work;

3. Formulated the sales target task decomposition of the department and the performance appraisal of business personnel;

4. Maintain and develop the brand of "control craftsman technology";

5. Other work assigned by leaders;

Recruitment number: 2-3

In addition, 3 technical engineers will be recruited. All of them will be subject to the on-site skill assessment.

Above work all does not have probationary period, interview is suitable mount guard directly.
However, according to the performance of new employees (including performance, performance, teamwork and business skills and abilities, etc.).
In the case of 15 days, the comprehensive assessment is not qualified will be dismissed.
Please contact us for details.
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