HARMONIC HA-655-4-200 drivers HA-655-2-200
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HARMONIC HA-655-4-200 drivers HA-655-2-200

Applicable actuator FHA-17C / FHA -25C FHA-32C / FHA -40C
Driver’s nominal current 2.4 A 4.0 A
Driver’s maximum current 7.3 A 18.0 A
Power voltage Main circuit AC200 to 240V(1 / 3-phase) +10 to -15% 50/60Hz
Control circuit AC 100 to 115V(1-phase) or AC200 to 240V(1-phase) +10 to -15% 50/60Hz
Power Control Method Sinusoidal PWM control
Allowed Environment Operating temperature: 0 to 50℃ Storage temperature:-20 to 85℃
Operating/storage humidity: below 95%RH (No condensation)
Vibration resistance: 4.9 m/s2(10 to 55Hz) Impact resistance: 98m/s2
Ventilation Self cooling
Installation Base mount (Wall mount)
Applicable feedback encoder Incremental or absolute encoder
Encoder interface Serial transmission line driver input type
Control mode Position mode, speed mode
Command voltage DC±10V / maximum speed
Input impedance: approx. 68kW
Input signal Servo-ON, Alarm clear, FWD-enable, REV-enable, Command alternation,
*Absolute date request, *Absolute multi-turn data clear (Insulated by opt-isolators)
Output signal Attained speed, Alarm, Alarm code (4-bit)
(Insulated by opt-isolators)
Speed control range 1:1000 or more
Speed mode
Speed regulation By load Below ±0.05% at nominal speed
by load change from zero to maximum torque
By voltage Below ±0.05% at nominal speed
by voltage change in its allowance
By temperature Below ±0.2% at nominal speed
by temperature change from 0℃ to 50℃
Command pulse interface Line driver(compliant with EIA422A standard), open collector
Command configuration 1-pulse train (step and direction), 2-pulse train (FWD/REV pulses),
2-phase pulse (A-B phase pulses with 90 degree difference)
Command frequency Line driver: 500kpps(max)
Open collector: 200kpps(max) , limited by actuator’s maximum speed
Input signal Servo-ON, Error counter・alarm clear, FWD inhibit, REV inhibit,
*Absolute date request, *Absolute multi-turn data clear (Insulated by opt-isolators)
Position mode
Output signal In-position, alarm, ready, alarm code (4-bit)
(Insulated by opt-isolators)
Position signal output Phase-A, -B, -Z; line driver output;
Phase-Z: Photo-coupler output
Analog monitor 2ch: motor speed, current command
Configuration Display: 7-segment LED 6 digits (red)
Operation key: 4 keys
Monitor function
Protection function Over current, overload, error counter overflow, over speed, abnormal regeneration,
Encoder failure, communication error, CPU failure, memory failure,
*multi-turn data error, *encoder system failure, *encoder overflow, *battery low
voltage, *absolute data transmitting rule error
Regeneration Built-in regeneration resistor: absorbable power: 40W (maximum)
External regeneration resistor is acceptable.
Functions Monitoring, self diagnosis, electronic gear, JOG operation, trapezoidal speed
profile, and etc. *backup battery for multi-turn data
Rush current suppressing circuit Built-in
Operation mode Monitor mode (usual operations), test mode, tune mode,
Parameter mode
Mass 1.5 kg 1.7 kg
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