Provide maintenance service for industrial control products in southeast Asia, such as Singapore
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Provide maintenance service for industrial control products in southeast Asia, such as Singapore
Provide maintenance service for industrial control products in southeast Asia, such as Singapore

Serviceable services:
PLC: fault parameter detection, program call, modification, data backup, program backup; Single addition, increase points; Complete replacement, chip level maintenance and equipment cleaning services. Specific fault display: startup alarm, communication is not, not under control, production line jump.

Frequency converter: control panel is out of order, power on does not display, report fault parameters; Whole machine maintenance, replacement and replacement, the whole set of equipment optimization service equipment cleaning and so on.

Servo driver: imprecise, no action, power on no display, failure, no action and so on; Machine replacement, chip maintenance; Replacement of the same functional brand; Equipment cleaning and other services.

Motor: stalled, rotor stuck, burning and other maintenance services.

HMI: maintenance service for configuration program setup, program import, uncontrolled startup, program loss, over voltage burn-in, etc.
Whole machine replacement, with the brand replacement, replacement of different brands and so on.

Low voltage electrical: contactor, switch, proximity switch, sensor, button and so on brand replacement. Original model maintenance service.

Machine: servo, step, robot integration. Engraving machine, cutting machine, all kinds of machine maintenance.

FANUC CNC machine tool maintenance, equipment replacement, troubleshooting, technical support.

Control system cabinet: sewage treatment control cabinet, water level water pressure constant water control cabinet, tap water control, drive cabinet, power cabinet, the whole system design, commissioning and installation. Technical support sales maintenance package, and undertake cleaning and maintenance services.

Building control: all weak current maintenance indoors.

Technical service support and product support of more brands:
Rockwell, Siemens, schneider, a-b, omron, yonghong,KUKA,ABB, mitsubishi, Turk and other domestic and foreign brands control system or low-voltage electrical accessories sales and technical maintenance.
Sales and technical support, brand fan integrated replacement maintenance services.

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Brand and series of single product maintenance:
Siemens: s7-200 s7-300 s7-400 s7-1200 s7-1500 6GK 6av-hmi 6SE70 and so on series
Rockwell: 1794, 1771, 1794, 1746, 1756, 1786, 2711, 2711P, 20, 22 series
: ABB ACS800 ACS355 ACS880, etc
GE: IC693 IC694 IC695 ic697, etc
Other brands: omron, mitsubishi, EXTECH, EXTECH, invid, adda, schneider, willenton, festo, Emerson, Japan SMC, dongfang motor, yonghong, hollysys, amp, syngenta, invid