Industrial energy saving drives the future of inverter market
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Industrial energy saving drives the future of inverter market
Inverter in many industries can achieve efficient energy saving, coupled with the national energy saving and emission reduction work is accelerating, which will promote the wide application of inverter in all walks of life. At the just concluded 12th China (tianjin) international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition, 973 orders were placed on site, and the transaction amount reached 910 million yuan, which set a record since the exhibition was held. In recent years, as the vane of domestic industrial automation technology, high, precise and sophisticated intelligent equipment in international exhibitions has always been concerned. With the development of industrialization and innovation, self-developed brands and products have become the new favorite in the industry.
"The development of domestic industrial automation is in a rapid rise, driven by industrial energy saving, inverter as an important equipment in the field of industrial automation, the future market size is very considerable. Yao cirong, general manager of guangbao technology industrial automation product development department.
Industrial energy saving strong pull
Efficient, environmental protection future development mainstream
Since the promulgation of the 12th five-year plan, energy conservation and emission reduction have become the key to the development of various industries, and various energy conservation and environmental protection products have been constantly standardized, making their applications more extensive and their prospects brighter. Driven by the strategy of energy saving, emission reduction and green environmental protection, the sustainable development of China's frequency converter industry has been accelerated, which makes China's frequency converter industry continuously expand its market share and become an important base point of China's industrial economic development with its strong development force.
At present, our country is in the phase of industrialization and urbanization speed up the development of energy resources shortage and ecological environment fragile, will worsen as a result, improve China's energy conservation and environmental protection technology and equipment and service level, for large-scale energy conservation and emissions reduction, provides a strong industry support and developing circular economy is the transformation of the mode of development, the inevitable choice of economic structure adjustment.
From this perspective, China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry has great potential and broad prospects for economic growth. The frequency converter market in China is currently in a period of rapid growth, widely used in textile machinery, air conditioning, elevator, metallurgy and other industries. The frequency converter market in China has maintained a high growth rate in the past few years. In recent years, China's inverter market is maintaining a growth rate of 12%-15%, it is expected that within five years, the inverter market demand will continue to maintain a growth rate of more than 10%. And after 10 years, inverter market just can saturation gradually.
The domestic market is maturing
Breakthroughs in core technological innovation are becoming increasingly urgent
According to the survey, China's frequency converter factory has more than 300, but the strength and scale are uneven, some enterprises still use workshop production mode, the main brand maintained in 20-30. The domestic frequency converter market is developed with the entrance of foreign brands, and the foreign brands are preconceived. At present, the domestic frequency converter market share is about 70%.
Most local enterprises have not been established for a long time, and many products have entered the market for a short time. It is difficult for them to compete with international famous brands in terms of product maturity and brand awareness. Due to the restriction of technology and capital strength, the domestic inverter enterprises are somewhat embarrassed when competing with foreign brands.
Nevertheless, domestic inverter manufacturers are not content with the status quo. Domestic enterprises face up to starting late, technology gap these weaknesses, after a long period of exploration and bit by bit accumulation, has gradually achieved technological breakthroughs. In recent years, the domestic inverter market has gradually achieved good results. At present, the domestic inverter enterprises on the market share is to catch up with imported frequency inverter products, as well as to narrow the technology gap with foreign enterprises, through the technical research and quality control, on the basis of the guarantee quality, established the domestic inverter product competitive advantage, the localization of application filled the gap on the application of frequency converter products.
At present, the frequency converter industry in China is becoming increasingly competitive. It is also because the market is extremely attractive, constantly attracting new players into the industry, especially foreign manufacturers. Now the existing market has formed a certain scale, the development is increasingly mature, the future of resource plunder, market war will be inevitable. In the process of competition with foreign enterprises, the lack of domestic enterprises in technology will be a major weakness, and the urgency to achieve the innovation and breakthrough of core technology will gradually emerge
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