Key words: low voltage control, programmable controller, sensor equipment,DCS controller, robot system, servo, drive, frequency conversion, man-machine interface, motor.
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The technical machine tools and other equipment needed for the production of automatic factories are frequently found in the application of various kinds of fault problems, in order to save costs. Need rich experience in PLC, frequency conversion, instrument single unit maintenance engineer for your solution. ​
All the industrial transformation, and constantly applied the latest (smart), and the robot control in the product, including DCS system, robotic system, PLC system, drive and servo system, instrumentation, low voltage electrical, etc
This company specialized service schneider, ABB, Siemens, the electrical appliances, Turkey, rockwell, mitsubishi, yonghong, omron, such as brand, making installation of electrical control cabinet, bulk sales, maintain industrial control line and all kinds of machine tools. ​
Professional research and development, design, sales, distributed DCS system, frequency conversion and transmission system, programmable controller PLC system, servo and drive system, machine tool control system, sensor system, instruments and meters, etc., over the years committed to domestic and overseas industrial control (smart) product equipment sales and maintenance.
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      Our company is engaged in the research, development, design and sales of industrial control (intelligent) automation equipment, mainly engaged in the sales, integration and maintenance services of famous industrial control products at home and abroad. Integrated production switch cabinet, drive cabinet, design, installation and debugging service!
Sales and agents: schneider, Siemens, abb, rockwell, willenton, wing hong, omron, lomx, mitsubishi, Prosoft, etc

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Product testing should be carried out on the international technical and professional product testing platform to ensure product quality.
Each specialized talented person has the specialized knowledge and the experience of the agent, provides the specialized and the honorable service for the world each place customer!
About 10 years of automation technology experience, you need to have our professional team!
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